Who We Are

This blog is a project of the Twin Cities IWW Education Organizing Committee, a group of education organizers open to all K-12 public education workers. We strive to bring together educators, students, parents and caregivers, and communities from across the Twin Cities who believe that another  kind of education possible. We are working to identify and eliminate the ways schools perpetuate injustice, and seek to transform our education system on the principles of community self-determination and worker control, sustainability, freedom, and social justice.

Part of our goal then is to create a team of like-minded people dedicated to these values and to growing a powerful movement in education. Right now in our schools, we see two urgent and connected struggles:

  • One is for social justice in our schools, along the lines of race, gender & sexuality, colonialism, and capitalism.
  • Another is against further divestment, de-professionalization, standardization, and privatization.

Both are essential for the future of our schools, and only an authentic coalition of educators, students, parents, and community for racial and social justice and against ‘reform’ has the potential to transform our schools.

Our blog then, like the Social Justice Education Fair, is not only about identifying and better understanding the threats to the kinds of education we desire. It’s also about the actions and solutions small and large that we can make in our classrooms, schools and communities to build our power and make real change.

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