Keynote Announcement: Philadelphia Student Union

Keynote Announcement: Philadelphia Student Union

We are excited to announce that members of the Philadelphia Student Union will be joining us to share their experiences around creating a youth-led movement to fight for educational justice in their city. Through running school-based, citywide, and statewide campaigns around issues such as prison-like school environments, wide-spread school closings and staff cutbacks, lack of resources, high staff turnover rates, and suppression of youth leadership, PSU has been a forced to be reckoned with for 20 years! We are extremely excited and humbled that members of PSU are traveling to the Twin Cities to share their work with us and to participate in the Fair. 


Help us meet our fundraising needs


Based on last year’s costs, our expected increase in size this year, and with supporting our exciting keynote speakers, we are estimating that we will need to raise at least $2,000 in addition to other fundraising we are engaged in. Please contribute what you can to help us reach our goal and to continue to make the fair free to attend with nutritious meals and childcare provided for all!
Please share this indie-go-go campaign with others – We have a ways to go yet to reach our goal!
Only three days left to submit your workshop proposals!
We’re looking for quality workshops of all types by students, parents, school staff, educators, after school workers, and community members for this year’s theme “Nothing About Us, Without Us, Is For Us”. Check out our website for more information about the theme and to submit a proposal.
**Proposals are due by Monday, August 31, 2014** 
We encourage folks to submit their proposals by the deadline. If for some reason you or your group are unable to submit a proposal before this deadline and would like an extension, please let us know. 
Stay tuned for more exciting announcements about space (we’ll be in St. Paul this year!), awards, and other exciting news leading up to the fair.
The Twin Cities Social Justice Education Fair Organizing Committee
               (612) 787-2272
Donate:, search for “Fund the Twin Cities Social Justice Education Fair”

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