Help Fight Racist K-2 Curriculum and School Discipline in MPS

Join educators, students, and community in attending the next MPS School Board Meeting to let MPS know that we will not tolerate, I. racist curricula, or II. racist school discipline practices. 

Tuesday, September 8th


Davis Center, 1250 W. Broadway Ave, Minneapolis

I. Info on racist K-2 curriculum in MPS

During professional development prior to school starting, educators became aware of new, and offensive, racist, K-2 literacy curriculum purchased by MPS from a company called Reading Horizons for $1.2 million. Sign the petition against it. Here is an an example image from the curriculum. Note that Minneapolis recently changed “Columbus Day” to Indigenous People’s Day in response to calls to acknowledge the violent falsity of the widely-told American origin story:


Read these in-depth, investigative pieces for more information on the controversy:

Pt. 1: Phonics or indoctrination? Minneapolis teacher training takes a step backwards, by Sarah Lahm, 8/25/15,  in Bright Lights, Small City

Pt. 2: Cashing in on the “achievement gap”: Reading Horizons contract with Minneapolis reportedly worth $1.2 million, by Sarah Lahm, 8/26/15, in Bright Lights, Small City

II. Info on ISAIAH’s School Board Action

“Join ISAIAH on September 8th, 5:30pm, at the Davis Center (1250 W Broadway Ave, Minneapolis) to call on the Minneapolis Public School board to #EndSuspensionsfor our youngest children.”


See you at the school board meeting on September 8th!

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