Save the Date:

October 20th, 2017

8 AM – 5 PM


Patrick Henry High School

4320 Newton Ave N

Minneapolis, MN 55412

THIS IS NOT A TEST: White Supremacy, Climate Change, and the Future of Our Schools

This is not a test. Schools divide students into “failures” and success, exclude families and communities, and marginalize staff who want change. We feel the hot, hurtful consequences everyday, and refuse to see more lives ruined. Yet, society, like our schools, is on fire. A new President brings nothing but another 4 years of mass deportations, climate chaos, police murder, rape culture, mass incarceration, gentrification, white supremacist terror, and war. When students walkout, families demand change, or staff stand up – retaliation comes, communities respond – and the future is born from our collective efforts.

This is not a drill. The drill is under the Mississippi River. Standing Rock woke the nation but liberals refused to fight to win, now oil will flow through the Dakota Access Pipeline. Yet our schools continue as normal, recreating their own pipelines. These pipelines funnel black and brown children from schools to prison: racist special ed labeling is a mental attack on our capacities as human beings, while prison beds are set to third grade reading levels. The staff who fight these pipelines are fired. We are our only protection, we must fight back. Organize, or else.

The oceans are projected to be dead by 2050, when our current kindergarteners will be 38 years old. A majority of students face poverty and gentrification. Many face daily threats of violence, family collapse, no opportunities but low wage jobs or worse. White supremacists gather at the MN Capitol against immigrants, and for Trump. How are our assessment tools taking that into account? How can we defend our communities and ourselves? Playtime is over, new ways to expand our imaginations and change the world are what schools needs most; and yet all we get is more test prep in reading and math.

Will we change systems designed to maintain the status quo or be drowned by them? Will we connect our aspirations for ourselves – students, families, educators, and communities – with the broader struggles of all for justice and sustainability, self-determination and freedom? How? When?


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